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Sales, Installation, Services & Repairs of Elevators

Service offering

We pride ourselves on providing industry leading service and no customer is too big or too small. We believe together we can find the right solution to any customer’s expectations.

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New installations

We specialise in new elevator, escalator and hoist installations for new building developments. We offer a full turnkey solution for architects, landlords and developers.


As new safety regulations are introduced it has become important for landlords to comply. We can help comply to regulations with the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Servicing of units

Monthly servicing of lifts, escalators and hoists is compulsory as per South African legislation. Our company structure is of such a nature that our service teams have a set number of units per month. This allows our service teams to focus on their units and ensure total client satisfaction. As most people in the industry know 90% of all stoppages can be prevented due to regular servicing of units.
Some of our monthly servicing areas include:
One of our key strength we can work with all types of elevators.


We all know how frustrating it can be to have units breaking down at the most un-opportunistic time. Our technical team aim to ensure a quick turnaround time and give client feedback as soon as possible.
Services offered:


One of the main reasons why units stand is due to a lack of availability of spares. There are several ways we could help reduce down time.
This include:


Currently we produce our smaller service hoists in house from our workshop on the Westrand.

Super cleaning

We offer this deep clean service to those clients who are very discerning about their appearances of their facilities and only expect perfection or have taken over neglected units.
This include:


This service is probably one of our strongest service we provide. With a specialist procurement team in China who ensure the best quality products are sourced in legitimate factories. Our team checks the progress of our orders, makes sure the equipment is tested before shipping and makes sure all parts are sent together. We ensure that the consignment is delivered to door and on time.
Services include:

Project management & consulting

We proud ourselves on providing industry leading project management service. Clients can look forward to a full turnkey service from procurement to final sign off from lift inspectors. We have more than 20 years of project management experience in new construction sites.
Our management team will help you to comply with South African legal compliance and help suggest the most efficient solution to your challenges or procurement needs.


Our company had its humble beginnings with subcontracting to some of the major players in the lift industry. We still offer our all services to those lift organisations who cannot meet their promises to their clients and need that extra help every now and again.

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